About us

I am a lawyer, with 15 plus years “young” legal experience, I am also a working mum who understands the pressures of life, work, families and wonders daily where the year went!

I am passionate about the law, about making legal services available and approachable for all.

You may wonder why HAND in capitals – it is my family’s initials, and truly represents what I am about. (Credit to Husband who without his support and brilliance this wouldn’t be possible)

So have decided to reinvent the delivery of my legal services – where I come to you – when and where works – for you. This would include hospital and nursing home visits where permission has been obtained.

By delivering my services this way, I can keep costs to a level that makes it available to all.

I don’t know it all – but I have built up a wide network of trusted friends and colleagues who specialise in various areas for referrals and the occasional bouncing off walls chats.

I also provide our services to local charities where I have a committed relationship.

So whether you’re looking for assistance in writing your will, looking to protect your family and property, advice on commercial leases, or consultation on legal compliance for your small business, contact me to see what I can do to help.