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You are busy, time is at a premium – so we bring our expertise to you at your convenience.You know you need to get professional advice, you want to protect your family and/ or business and ensure you get the expertise with minimum inconvenience without the high costs.

But when? That’s where Legal HAND can help.

We understand that life and stuff happens – so we offer to give you a legal helping hand when and where it suits you.

Welcome to Legal Hand

With more than 15 years’ experience delivering quality legal services, we decided to embark on a new delivery model, to work with you to your schedule, not ours. While we are more than capable of assisting in a wide range of matters, we decided to focus on two key specialties:Wills, POA and estate matters. We are passionate about helping you provide for each other in the case of adversity or death, protecting assets, minors or other vulnerable dependants.

Business: We understand that small business need affordable approachable down to earth advice on leases, agreements and HR matters such as company policies and procedures for compliance and risk management – another of our key areas of interest. Ultimately, we are dedicated to making legal matters easier and hassle-free for families, professionals and small business owners in NSW.

Wills – Two of the most boring things you must do

Courtesy of Julia Hasche


In the middle of a nasty & complex family issue, Anna listened to me & helped me to feel better about a really yucky situation which was starting to f**k me over emotionally.It’s not necessarily resolved yet but I appreciate her understanding & respect for a very emotional issue where I needed input & advice.

Thank you Anna. I feel like you have my back.

JC, Victoria

Our business is understanding yours